• Community Autonomy

    With DPoS consensus mechanism, voting and bookkeeping rights can be separated, which prevents abuse or control of the system by any party. Users can maintain the policy discourse as long as they possess coins, thus achieve the true autonomy.

  • Rapidity

    3 seconds per block with 2M blocksize design could support 1,000 to 10,000 transactions per second, and completely solved the most contended bitcoin congestion problem, and increase the adption and utilization.

  • Smart Contract

    With built-in smart contract, digital assets can be issued and distributed, and applications can be built on blockchain, making LBTC a valuable and functional token.

  • DApp

    Support all kinds of DApp development, including zero knowledge proof (included in the plan), cross-chain atomic transactions.

  • bitcoind
  • bitcoin-cli register <delegateAddress> <delegateName>
  • bitcoin-cli vote <fromAddr> <delegateName1> <deleagetNameN>
  • bitcoin-cli cancelvote <fromAddr> <delegateName1> <deleagetNameN>
  • bitcoin-cli listdelegates