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Getting started

The Lightning Bitcoin full-node wallet currently only supports the Linux operating systems.

You may also use our light application wallet verified by SPV that supports Windows system at

Wallet installation

Quick start


Register a username “testminer” with address “mjpecea7EuPCx7enT9Ue6Zkv2VPxv6Kjrr” for forging.

bitcoin-cli register mjpecea7EuPCx7enT9Ue6Zkv2VPxv6Kjrr testminer

Start forging

Start forging with address “mjpecea7EuPCx7enT9Ue6Zkv2VPxv6Kjrr”. All the forged coin will be sent to this address in coinbase transaction

bitcoin-cli startforging mjpecea7EuPCx7enT9Ue6Zkv2VPxv6Kjrr

Stop forging

Stop current forging.

bitcoin-cli stopforging

Get all delegates

Get all the delegates’ names and addresses registered in the mainnet.

bitcoin-cli listdelegates


Vote for “testminer” using the balance of address “mpUFbGd79hxvjqPi7JXtP16SCMpQU1tH5r”.

bitcoin-cli vote mpUFbGd79hxvjqPi7JXtP16SCMpQU1tH5r testminer

Who vote

Get who voted for delegate “testminer”.

bitcoin-cli listreceivedvotes testminer

My vote

Get the delegates that the address “mpUFbGd79hxvjqPi7JXtP16SCMpQU1tH5r” voted for.

bitcoin-cli listvoteddelegates mpUFbGd79hxvjqPi7JXtP16SCMpQU1tH5r

Lightning BTC full node wallet introduction

Full nodes are nodes that store the entire Lightning BTC blockchain and are connected in a P2P network architecture. In the blockchain network, all full nodes are treated as equals, and serve as both clients and servers.

The LBTC full node consists of two programs:
• bitcoind: the core wallet program;
• bitcoin-cli: a command line interface