Command line usage

bitcoind usage

Usage: bitcoind [-dhtv] 

Info: Runs a full node in the global peer-to-peer network.

Options (named):
-d [--daemon] Run in daemon mode (unix/apple).
-h [--help] Display command line options.
-t [--testnet] Use testnet rules for determination of work
required, defaults to false.
-v [--version] Display version information.

Start with the daemon process

bitcoind -d

Start with the test network mode

bitcoind -t

Get the bitcoind version

bitcoind -v

Check out bitcoind’s help information

bitcoind -h

bitcoin-cli usage

Refer to

Use help to get all commands(methods) list.

$ ./bitcoin-cli help
$ ./bitcoin-cli help $command or ./bitcoin-cli $command -h



Usage: bitcoin-cli listdelegates [-h]

Info: Get all the delegates registered on mainnet.

Options (named):

-h [--help] Get a description and instructions for this command.

More Non-DPoS related command can refer to