The ticker of Lightning Bitcoin is LBTC.

Lightning Bitcoin full node introduction

Full nodes are nodes that store the entire Lightning BTC blockchain and are connected in a P2P network architecture. In the blockchain network, all full nodes are treated as equals, and serve as both clients and servers.

The Lightning Bitcoin full node consists of two programs:
• bitcoind: The core wallet program;
• bitcoin-cli: a command line interface;

Lightning Bitcoin full node wallet download address:

The latest LBTC full node client can be downloaded from Lightning BTC’s official website (

Supported versions:

OS Version Version bitcoind&bitcoin-cli
Ubuntu 16.04+
CentOS 7.0+

Port descriptions

The firewall port needs to be opened if external programs are allowed to access the node’s API. The following is port descriptions which can be partially or fully opened as required.

Main Net Test Net
JSON-RPC via HTTP 9332 19332
Websocket Notification × ×
P2P via TCP 9333 19333