Light wallet quick start


00. Download wallet

Download Light Wallet from the official website: /

01. Import wallet

After decompressing the package, click lbtc-v0.0.7.exe.

Click Next -> Choose Standard wallet to create a new wallet, or Import Bitcoin addresses or private keys to import the original Bitcoin wallet.


NOTE: Observation wallet mode. Importing just wallet address without a private key creates observation wallet. Observation mode allows user to check the balance without an access to wallet functionality. It can be switched to general one by entering the private key.

Segwit addresses are not supported

Check status of the network connection. Please check the light ball in the lower right corner of the window. Green means connected and red means disconnected. Click on the ball to see if the block height of the local wallet block is the same as the height of the main chain block, the date is displayed in History only when it is consistent.

02. Choose language setting

Now light wallet supports these three languages: English, Russian, and Chinese, which change automatically according to the system language. Users can still alter them manually through Tools>>Preferences>>Appearance>>Language, Choose Language.
Base unit change unit of LBTC.


After changing the settings, a prompt dialog box will pop up and restart the wallet to display language user chose.


03. Display address

Click View >> Show Address to view your wallet address. Creating a new wallet instead of importing a private key will initialise around 20 addresses for new user, any of them can be used.


NOTE*: The amount of votes are calculated based on the balance of the address. If the user wants to vote all the coins under one account in different addresses, the convenient way is to transfer all coins to the voting account.

04. Transactions

Click Send>>Transaction Type>>Transfer. Insert the receiver address and the sum of transaction. The minimum fee is 0.00001 LBTC per transaction.


05. Delegate Registration

One needs to register as a delegate first if one wants to forge LBTC. Click Send>> Transaction Type>> Register, In Address insert the wallet address you want to register, enter the name/nickname of the delegate in Name.

Registered addresses can no longer register other names, as well as the registered names cannot be changed.


06. Vote

Click on Delegates >> Refresh to see all registered delegates names and addresses. Enter your address in the payment address field, and check the names of the voted delegates (up to 51), and click on the vote to complete. The fee of which is 0.01 LBTC.

Voting fee 0.01 LBTC.


Choose the often used delegates and click StoreDelegates to save them as general contacts.


Click on MyVotes, then Refresh to see completed votes.


07. Cancel vote

Click to MyVotes, enter the voting address in the payment address, and then click Refresh to view the voted addresses. Check the name of the delegates you want to cancel the vote from and click Cancel to vote back. Up to 51 votes can be checked, and each time you cancel your votes, you will be charged cancelation fee 0.01 LBTC.


08. Check Received Votes

Click ReceivedVotes >> Refresh to view the names and addresses that voted for you.