Network fees

Network fees

All valid transactions in the network must be processed. Delegates process transactions and store them in new blocks and receive fees as rewards. For this work, the delegates receive a fee. All transactions in the network must contain some type of fee as a spam countermeasure.

The minimum network fee for sending an LBTC transaction is 0.00001 LBTC. The amount depends on the size of this transaction. For example, a 1 LBTC transaction includes an additional fee of 0.00001 LBTC, so it cost 1.00001 LBTC totally.

The following is a list of fees for different types of transactions:

  • 0.00001 LBTC of amount sent for a spend transaction
  • 1 LBTC for registering delegate name
  • 0.01 LBTC for voting delegates
  • 0.01 LBTC for cancelvoting delegates

Delegates receive fees from all transactions of the block. Delegates who missed creating a block assigned to them during that cycle are not paid.