The Lightning Bitcoin testnet is used for users to develop, debug and test.
The testnet’s network fees are paid using testnet LBTC. It is not fungible with real (i.e. mainnet) LBTC. You can apply to receive testnet LBTC on the official Lightning Bitcoin website.

The testnet’s blockdata is completely independent of the mainnet. The testnet can be used to develop new functions; once the function is ready it can be migrated to the mainnet. The official Lightning Bitcoin website has been updated. The Lightning Bitcoin official website http://lbtc.io has added a “Testnet” item in “EXPLORER” so that users can easily try out the Lightning Bitcoin Wallet’s functions.

Testnet Features

  1. Users can experience the Lightning Bitcoin Wallet without spending their own LBTC, including transfer, register, voting, cancel voting.
  2. Users need not to sync the entire blockchain, thus saving the time.
  3. An improved wallet program that greatly reduces consumption of system resources.

Start the full node wallet in testnet mode

  • You need to run the wallet through the command line.

    bitcoind -testnet
  • Register

    bitcoin-cli register mjpecea7EuPCx7enT9Ue6Zkv2VPxv6Kjrr testminer
  • Start forging.

    bitcoin-cli startforging mjpecea7EuPCx7enT9Ue6Zkv2VPxv6Kjrr